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About The Artist

“Beauty will save the world.”

—Fyodor Dostoevsky

Greetings! I’m Clayton Karsten, a proud Florida native, Coast Guard veteran, and Chief Engineer in the maritime industry. Photography isn’t just a hobby for me—it’s a passion deeply intertwined with my love for art and travel. While navigating the seas and exploring the world, I’ve been fortunate to capture moments that stir the soul, weaving stories through my lens.

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Capturing Life's Rhythms




Clayton Karsten Photography

Life, akin to music, possesses its rhythm—a symphony of highs and lows that resonate within each individual. In these profound moments, whether joyous or melancholic, one truly feels alive. The aim is to capture these instances, evoking emotions that transcend the ordinary and beckon viewers to connect with the essence of the world surrounding them.

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