About Clayton Karsten

I’m a Florida native, a Coast Guard veteran, and a mariner and Chief Engineer by trade.  I’ve always had a love for art, be it music, literature, sculptures, paintings, and so forth.  I was especially attracted to photography and I realized that the majority of the artwork I purchased was photography.  Eventually I decided to buy a camera.

I first started taking pictures in 2019.  Primarily because of the demands of my career as a mariner I stopped taking photos.  However, over the last two years I’ve been able to spend ever increasing amounts of time devoted to developing my skill as a photographer and artist.  When I’m working on capturing an image the feeling I have is akin to going on a treasure hunt!  The amazing thing about this is that when I do hit the jackpot it grows larger for me as I share it with others.

We experience a sense of meaning when we encounter something we find engaging.  Something deep within us is responding to something we detect, even if we aren’t sure what we’re picking up on.  Whatever we are sensing evokes some type of emotion, be it joy, sorrow, wonder, curiosity, or fascination.  I want my photos to do that.  My hope is that I can create images that will help to foster a richer and fuller intimacy with the world we inhabit.